What we do

We tailor our service to meet the individual needs of each client with the aim always to provide support, which is planned, purposeful and progressive, yet cost effective, adjusting to the client’s needs as they change over time. Reliability, continuity and adaptability are the hallmarks of our working relationships with our clients and their professional advisors. 

Assessment of needs

Our first contact with a client will usually be on the instruction of their solicitor. On receiving instructions we then arrange a meeting with the client at which we establish case management priorities and carry out a comprehensive Immediate Needs Assessment in accordance with the 2007 Rehabilitation Code. The Assessment Report identifies the client’s needs and sets out a planned and fully costed approach to meeting those needs and is shared with the solicitor and the individual or their deputy.

The Assessment Report is a living document which will be reviewed, updated and amended regularly over time as the client’s needs and circumstances change. Case management input varies from case to case, but tends to be at its highest in the initial six months of involvement, during which care and other services are being sourced, implemented and adjusted, and then reduces to more of a monitoring, supportive and advisory role.

From first contact with a client to post settlement implementation of the client’s individual care and services package, we work closely to assist our clients’ solicitors, deputies and the court by providing regular reports. All recommendations are based on our assessment of the client’s individual needs, supported by evidence and underpinned by our specialist experience, with clearly set out costings.

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