How we can help

Communication and co-ordination are integral to our role. In our experience it is frequently the lack of co-ordination between existing services that presents difficulties for the client which are both frustrating and time consuming. We liaise with the client, statutory and voluntary agencies and other service providers to ensure that the client has access to a comprehensive provision of the services and benefits which are available.

Celsior case managers assist in the recruitment, selection, employment and training of carers which are matched to the client’s individual requirements, liaising where necessary with care agencies. Once the care package has been set up, our case managers provide ongoing supervision, troubleshooting and liaison between client, carers, deputies and solicitors.

Where adapted accommodation is recommended, our case managers can assist in the identification of a suitable property, working with architects, builders and solicitors to facilitate the purchase and adaptation of the property, and the reorganisation of services which will take place when the client moves home. We can also support the client through their Disabilities Facilities Grant application.

Our case managers are all qualified and experienced occupational therapists and are able to assist in the identification and sourcing of suitable specialist equipment, vehicles and transport.  

Where the individual is a child, Celsior Case Management are able to support the client’s family in applying for a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or an Education, Health and Social Care (EHC) Plan, assisting in the collating and updating of information for the annual reviews of these documents and where necessary, supporting the client and liaising with solicitors if, for example, an appeal to a Special Educational Needs Tribunal is required.



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